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Quality Control Stages

Raw Material Selection & Approval

The company has a long reputation for quality, performance and innovation. We procure raw material (cotton) from M.P & Maharashtra zones. Quality of final product is determined with quality of raw material. We Kamal Lath Bhai Group take meticulous care in the selection of cotton. Utmost care is taken at all the processing levels to ensure that only quality yarn/fabric is produced to meet international export standards.
We continue the innovation/R&D of products, pursue the higher quality and efficiency, aim for management legitimating and standardizing, satisfy customers needs in terms of quick response services.
On the basis of International 5% to 25% Uster Statistics, HVI - 1000 results, like 2.5% span length, maturity, elongation, SFIRD, +B value, translo %, and contamination levels, we choose the cotton to spin appropriate counts which ensures a narrow band of average yellowness and micronaire values.
We are engaged in Manual contamination collection for controlling contaminants.

Contamination Detection

We Incorparate mainly two system to remove contamination from the raw material that is Removal systems (sorting machines) in the blow room and electronic yarn clearers equipped with the appropriate FF (Foreign Fiber) channel.
Removal systems in the blow room line focus on the bulk of the contamination and The removal of small particles is the task of yarn clearers.Apart from this, we are equipped with fire detectors and separators systems and heavy dust particles extraction systems
For the best friendly environment we have world's leading technology installed for our entire plant i.e. LUWA - WCS and HUMIDIFICATION SYSTEMS.

Carding, Blending & Parallelization Process

We check the neps content/gm & NRE in our USTER LAB with the help of USTER AFIS PRO - 2, and simultaneously we are maintaining the blow room carding cleaning efficiency and translo% content in the sliver.
These carding machines are having inbuilt C.V %, mass variation monitoring and controlling, through PLC devices are attached, to control the long term and medium term variations, which we are monitoring on regular interval basis.
We follow the randomization in carding for the consistent yarn quality.

Combing, Framing & Auto Coning Process

We check breaker draw frames delivered sliver unevenness through USTER TESTER - 5 We check the sliver creel stop motion on periodic intervals to reduce the yarn faults. We have every 2 hours top roller cots interchanging systems too. For consistent quality, we follow randomization in breaker draw frames and lap former ( LH - 10 ).
In speed frames we check U % C.V% and stretch % periodically spindle to spindle. These machines are working with SKF drafting and over head blowers are contributing considerable yarn quality.
In ring frames we check U% thin, thick, hairiness, yarn count CSP & RKM, to meet the yarn quality with the help of USTER TESTER-5. It is one of the world class art - of -the technology which is in working, at our Rahipura plant.
Savio - Polar (L) is equipped with online classmate faults monitoring U% thin thick faults mass variations periodic faults FD, FL contamination controlled features are in working. To meet the best yarn cleaning efficiency USTER - QUANTAM 2 yarn cleaners are one of the solutions, which is attached in Savio Polar (L) auto corners.

Shade Check & Conditioning Process

Individual cone weight, this will be checked and approved by the packing checkers, those who are having the versatile experience, in the field of packing department.
We follow all the above procedure on the daily basis to provide our respective consumers quality yarn which allows them to brilliantly, spin and weave quality products for their esteemed customers.
Xorella yarn conditioning machine is one of the best conditioning machine, which penetrates until the last layer of the yarn.
It helps for the smooth workings with lesser breakages, to achieve maximum efficiency in the further process like knitting and high speed wrapping machines.
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